Six Weeks in Petrograd

Six Weeks in Petrograd follows Lila, a young professional lost in a life she worked hard for and thought she wanted. Not unique in this revelation, Lila still feels alone and comes to doubt the decisions that brought her to a conference room in the middle of a workday, stuffing blueberry muffins into her mouth. Suffering a particularly bad day, Lila impulsively volunteers for a six-week work trip in Russia, knowing very little about the country and understanding even less about the adventure awaiting her. It is there that she is forced to find her true self or risk being lost completely.

Stranded in the middle of St. Petersburg, surrounded by onion dome cathedrals and an intimidating language that she doesn’t understand, Lila is forced to navigate a cultural divide and professional minefield. She is one member of an international team assigned to assist a Russian pharmaceutical company with the legal factors surrounding its development of a breakthrough neurological drug. The intensity of the work is overwhelming, yet overshadowed by the cast of characters who share her assignment and upon whom she must, somewhat unfortunately, rely.

Stella, another young American attorney, views the entire world as competition and struggles to define her own version of success. Her harsh persona softens throughout the book and you find yourself an unexpected fan of this sassy character with the crazy red hair. Sergei is a Russian attorney with a peculiar British accent and background. As the first person to befriend Lila, she is drawn to him immediately and lets herself wonder, and wish, for something more. Misha uses his scientific acumen to hide from the need to socialize or, for that matter, ever look anyone directly in the eye. The boss of the entire project is Mitchell Brownridge, a partner in Lila’s law firm who she had secretly vowed to always avoid given his less than stellar reputation. Mitchell exemplifies every negative attorney stereotype – and creates a few new ones.

Six Weeks in Petrograd transports readers through the white nights of Russia, cobblestone streets of Estonia, unexpected friendships, and the virtual crossroads in the mind of a young woman trying desperately to find the right path.

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