Thank you for visiting and learning more about me and my adventures in the writing world! My journey here has been an interesting one, with a few detours and roadblocks encountered along the way. Years ago, armed with a love for poetry, the beauty of live theater, and the endless creative possibilities of the human mind, I decided on a career. I became a lawyer. Nobody knows why -- including me. Despite being repeatedly told that I am a good one, I couldnít shake the feeling that the lawyer persona fit like a dress in the wrong size. No matter how much I pulled at the fabric and struggled to make it look right, I just knew in my heart that it didnít fit. I never understood how uncomfortable that dress was until I sat down in a coffee shop one day and began to click away on my laptop. Finally, the perfect size. The result is what you see on this website, with other story ideas always churning about in my mind just waiting for the chance to be given life.

I invite you to stay a while and read about my novel, Six Weeks in Petrograd, which was published by Bluewood Publishing in 2013. I hope to have news soon regarding my latest manuscript; I think you'll find that it's quite different than my first novel and I look forward to your reviews and comments. Please keep checking back for news regarding its release and, in the mean time, you can read my work in Kansas City's North and 435 Magazines, or check in on one of the local lifestyle shows and you might just catch one of my TV segments as part of the Kansas City Moms Blog.

I would love to hear from you, so please drop me a line on the contact page and let me know your thoughts on my new and improved website. Thanks again for visiting and, as always, thanks to all of my wonderful followers for their support and well wishes along the way!