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Tiffany's work has been featured extensively in 435 Magazine, including her stories regarding celebrity bodyguards, the opiate epidemic, autism, lethal injection drug use and a unique forensics program dedicated to helping assault victims.

The Vigilant Illusionist
Backing Battered Women
Aging Out
A Cry for the Innocent


SIMPLYkc is a lifestyle magazine in Kansas City that covers everything from the latest fashion finds and restaurants to shopping and up-and-coming local businesses. Tiffany contributed to the publication’s “In Focus” section and highlighted small business owners who are making a big impact in KC.

Old School Values Provide Strong Foundation for Public Relations Firm
Customers Simply Shine at Fashion-Forward Boutique in Overland Park
Maru Sushi & Grill Brings New Flavor to Prairiefire
Mama Resch’s Bakery Proves Gluten-Free Treats Are Every Bit as Sweet

Situated north of the river in Kansas City, NORTH Magazine focused on the people behind the stories and covered lifestyle, business, fashion, and art topics. Prior to and during her time as its Editor-in-Chief, Tiffany's work for the magazine covered everything from a small business incubator in the Crossroads District to a winery that is known to be one of the most haunted places in the Midwest.

Haunted Belvoir
Amazing Play
Webster House
Think Big


M Magazine (the magazine for Kansas City's moms) was one of the most trusted and popular parenting resources in the city. Tiffany was a regular contributor to the magazine, with articles published on topics ranging from festive Halloween parties to analyzing how to avoid raising children with an entitlement complex.

The Childcare Chronicles
The Superstar Syndrome
Summer Sports
To Market


The Kansas City Moms Blog is part of a national network that brings moms together through shared stories and informative posts. Tiffany was selected to be a contributor to the Kansas City Moms Blog and wrote regularly for the site on topics that ranged from parenting, marriage, creative craft ideas and behavior charts that really work. Read some of her blog posts below, or click here for a complete list.

Parenting Lessons that Apply Equally to My Marriage
Spoiled…or Indulged? Is There a Difference?
I Love My Little Thumbsucker
Making Life Easier, One Closet at a Time
What To Tell Kids When Grown-Ups Misbehave