Tiffany Killoren is a storyteller. The stories may have come in all shapes and sizes over the years, but in her heart, she simply loved to tell them. As an attorney, she understood that each case is a story, full of facts that will shape the opinion of the person who hears it based on how it's told. As a magazine writer, she enjoyed diving into complex topics that required her to challenge herself, interviewing experts and educating herself to craft a finished product that she felt fortunate and honored to be a part of. As a magazine editor, she was drawn to the obscure, the stories that aren't often told, but which have so much to say. And, as an author, she shapes her own fictional worlds, creating characters with beautiful flaws that she wishes she could sit down and get to know over a latte.

They say that your first novel is autobiographical, regardless of whether you intended it to be or are even conscious of the similarities. Tiffany's first novel, Six Weeks in Petrograd, is a great example of that. At a professional crossroads in her own life, she wrote a novel about a young attorney struggling to find her way in a world that had already been set in motion. In a way, that summed up where Tiffany had found herself after jumping on a lawyer train that started going in a direction she wasn't so sure she wanted to go in life. So, after publishing her first novel, she took a deep breath and jumped off that train to pursue her dream of writing.

Tiffany's new novel, Good Will, is scheduled for release in January 2020 by Amphorae Publishing. A tale of serendipity, the story follows the lives of four women, all of whom find something they need in unlikely places and through unexpected relationships. It's a novel about faith and friendship, about being open to the messages that life is sending you when the going gets tough. Good Will is about the energy that we send out into the world and clinging to the belief that, in time, the universe will send it back.